We are the Shift we've been waiting for.

Please Note: "This and all subsequent blogs from this site are for information purposes only. All information is received; first hand, intuitively, channelled and published by the author of this site."

When I sat down to write my July blog, this title flowed out of my fingers before I could think about what I wanted to write. Fitting for the times we find ourselves in.

We are well in the trenches of undergoing some pretty radical shifts; if you haven't noticed already. Our planet on it's procession is moving into a new area of cosmic radiation which is triggering our suns photon expulsion, in turn triggering biological and genetic changes in us. Many in the astral astrology arena have been writing about this.

Alone, this planetary procession we are experiencing is powerful in that there is a new level of cosmic information bombarding us. Anyone notice that the sun is a lot more intense this year? But added to this new cosmic influx is another procession taking place; one at the cellular level in our bodies. It's easy in our busy daily lives to forget that we here on earth in these bodies are all interconnected with our universe. What our earth and solar system is experiencing through it's journey through the stars, so are we experiencing in our energetic physical bodies. It is the interconnected fractal nature of reality.

So what's happening here in our bodies? This in itself could be a novel. Simplistically put; we are shifting, from the inside out. Our depth of communication is changing for one and is a big one. There seems to be either a full on heart to heart connection with someone, or there's just nothing at all. We seem to be in a space where we're waiting for someone to reach out to us, to make a connection with, but we find ourselves waiting...Stop waiting. The more we are able to connect from a deeper heart centered place the easier it will be to continually be in your truth, with yourself and others.

Our dreams are a whirlwind of dark and scary one night and light and uplifting the next. Anxiety is running high for no apparent outward reason and we're trying to find ways of masking this unease through our usual channels like social media, but those distractions are not working any more.

The fact is; we are beginning to change how we are communicating with ourselves. Our old ways of self talk, self relating and self identity is shifting, and we're seeing this manifest in our personal connections. It feels like we're stumbling around out of a deep stupor and don't quite have our footing. We are shedding the old skin of heavy 3D imprints and opening to a new level of vibratory love. Not everyone will be able or even want to meet you in this new heart space of connection and that's okay. We are learning to exercise this new heart muscle of connection, give it time to build, find those that resonate in this space and expand together. Those who are ready will show you they are, and those who are not ready, love anyway. They just may be waiting for the green light that you are there to give them.

Each one of us chose our parents and our genetic blueprint very carefully before incarnating in this life. Many have incarnated into a genetic lineage this life that they have had lives in before and have planted seeds of memories and codes within that genetic line for later down the incarnation ladder. Those memories and codes are waking up within you and they are triggering a genetic mutation; an energetic shift. There is also new information unfolding within our DNA; information we are waking up within our cellular matrix and new incoming information from celestial bodies, the Language of Light, the ascended masters... All of this is the preparation to unsheathe ourselves from lower vibrating realities, into the higher finer and lighter realities.

I have heard from many people that every day feels like they are jumping time lines. They are still the same person per se, but they feel different, things are different around them and people in their lives are changing; they either feel closer to someone in these jumps or the connection is lost all together. We need to get used to this jumping from here to there and back again for a while. As we unlock, open and change ourselves, our reality is going to match our new vibratory state and it's going to be bumpy for a while. Stay in your heart and bring your attention into your heart as much as possible through the day. This will help anchor the shifting we're all experiencing.

I see the Language of Light as so much more than a tool to help us align to our true selves. It is the blue print that contains the information and instructions to not only ascend as a specie, but to bring us back home. The Language is full circle and knows where we're going and what we need to achieve that and is vital at this point in our awaking.

We are shifting gears from visualisation focus to an actualisation focus. Manifesting what you want has never been more powerful than it is, and it will continue to accelerate. Visualisation is great in gaining clarity in vision and purpose, but we are merging with another aspect of ourselves that is about actualising on those visions.

Actualisation; to take action. Know what you want, visualise what you want and take action! Even a small step.

Our action impetus right now is getting super charged. Any little action towards what brings you joy and is aligned with greater service for all is manifesting very fast. Learn to get out of your own way! This is not how it used to be, nor will it happen according to any old laws you have learned. Be intentfull, focused and stand in your power. These unlocked memories and codes are aligning you to your higher purpose and path that you yourself have given you. If they are taking to you, or screaming at you, allow them movement in your life.

Your voice is carrying new power in your awakening. Start speaking out load into the energy around your body what your intentions are. Be clear, be strong and don't hold back. Speak your truth into the atmosphere around your body and charge this sacred space with your truth and love.

(I started doing this a month ago and things aligned so fast I was dizzy)

One last note; Vulnerability.

We are shedding the walls, the armour and defences we've carried for almost our whole lives, and some, longer. They are not needed any more and it's time to take serious inner stalk of what defences are in place and why. Acknowledge with love the role they played for they came at a time and a purpose to help you, even save you. Thank them, love them and guide them into your heart. Not all are leaving at once. Some are there for current situations and if they are, honour them.

Vulnerability is going to be the theme for some time now and you may already be in the waves of her now. It is a feeling that we've tried to ignore and avoid but she is alive and is wanting you to invite her out to play. Vulnerability is such a magical pure energy when we truly allow it to be here. In our avoidance of her, we've totally missed what tremendous gifts she has to offer us. But we must be willing to open up to vulnerability in order to experience what's on the other side, because there is so much more to her than meets the eye.

So let this be an invitation in making contact with vulnerability; with yourself, with others, with life. Open up, expand your heart and let vulnerability teach you what she has to offer you.

In love..