Light Language Mentorship Program

Welcome to the Universal Language of Light Mentorship Program!

This mentorship program is created for those who are ready to take their Spiritual Awareness, connection to their Higher Self, and Vibrational Ascension path to the next level.

Working together along with your Higher Self and Guides, we'll identify any limiting beliefs or blocks being carried forward into this new Earth Paradigm. With gentle guidance, we'll work toward releasing them and invoking new Light Language and Soul Codes, which will assist in maximizing your Ascension Potential in this life. 

I have created two mentorship program lengths with introductory pricing for the new year of 2019.

1-Month Program: $395 Cdn. This includes an intake form and discussion, four personal one-on-one sessions

(in person or by Skype), two one-on-one phone calls, and ongoing chat updates and mentoring.

3-Month Program: $955 Cdn. This includes an intake form and discussion, ten personal one-on-one sessions 

(in person or by Skype), six one-on-one phone calls, and continued ongoing chat updates and mentoring. 

This program is designed to fast track and assist in your spiritual awakening and begin harnessing your inner Light, Wisdom, and Power within the highest reality you choose. 

There is limited enrolment for this course. Please click on the contact button to register.