After a profound experience in 1999, David began hearing the Language of Light being spoken to him during his meditations and began a dialog reciting what he heard.


Over the last 20 years working with the Language of Light, David has refined, surrendered and developed an authentic and clear conscious channel of this powerful multidimensional universal language.


David has worked with thousands of individuals as well as groups performing initiations, ascension activations, healings, soul retrievals, Language of Light code downloads and DNA activations.


David has travelled extensively around the world leading groups to sacred sites to awaken and re-energise the planetary grid and activate our Earth's new 5th dimensional template.


David offers individual and group activations, healings and initiations. 



"Thank you David Montgomery for coming to Medicine Hat this past weekend to share the Universal Language of Light! You touched many souls! The feedback has been astounding - physical healing; activating deeply held passions; healing soul wounds; re-connecting with lost aspects of ourselves; opening potentiality; creating openings for life path, purpose and passion; reinforcing inner knowings; re-establishing lost connections; deep feelings of peace and contentment and list goes on and on! Thank you to all who attended the Saturday evening event and held space during the mini-activations. A special thank you to those who had private sessions and willingly shared their experiences. You have no idea how your sharing helped those who stayed to listen! Many blessings to all - you are an amazing community and we are so grateful to be part of it! We are already in the planning stages for another event in the fall so stay tuned!!"

-Jeanne Hoag

 "Thank you very much David you are amazing and I am so very grateful to have the honour to meet you and to experience the activations. You have helped me to change my life. The knowledge you have imparted to me is a wordless blessing. If anyone has the chance to see David Montgomery in person do not hesitate."

-Joan Hallberg

"When I heard David speak the Language of Light and receive a personal activation, it shifted my consciousness, lifted my soul and warmed my heart. A good friend of mine found the experience to be so profound, it changed her life from despair to inspirational with joy in life she hasn't experienced in years!" 

David, since seeing you Sunday I have joy and peace in my heart that has been missing my whole life . For that I will always be grateful to you and the words you brought forward that only my soul understands. I have been hiding from who I really am for so long and now I know I don't have to; I have no fear anymore and that's a huge step.